Electric Bikes Warwickshire

Posted on: 30-April-12 | Comments (2);

If you're looking to find a trusted business that offers electric bikes in Warwickshire you are in the right place.

Electric bikes offer a fantastic opportunity to get fitter, make getting around simpler and encourage you to adventure more in your free time. As suppliers and actual manufacturers of EBCO ebikes, we are a UK company who are regarded as a market leader for ebikes, and we are dedicated to designing and developing electric bikes.

Our professional electric bikes Warwickshire service presents you with excellent value and the best ebikes available. We provide you with the best electric bikes available in the UK in relation to design, reliability, value and overall performance, from brands that include EBCO, Solex, Ave and KED Helmets. At EBC we understand that for some it is vital to try an ebike out before purchasing and as a result we have retail suppliers around the country. If you want to find your local shop please click here.

If you would like to find out more about our electric bikes Warwickshire service click on the Need To Know section or About EBC pages.

2 Responses to Electric Bikes Warwickshire

  1. sylvia smith says:

    My partner and I would like to buy an electric bike each. We would like to try before buying and we live in Stratford upon Avon.

    • PaulS says:

      Hi Syliva
      EBC Ltd. are situated in Warwick not far from you so if you ring me on 01926 437700
      I can arange for you to come to our showroom so you can try some differant models
      Paul Stanforth