Electric Bikes Stroud

Posted on: 30-April-12 | Comment (1)

If you're looking to find a trusted business that offers electric bikes in Stroud you are in the right place.

Electric bikes are good for you and the environment, make for an easier commute and give you the ability to explore more. Proud to be British – EBC are a company who offer a wide choice of ebikes, we really know our stuff!

Our professional electric bikes Stroud service presents you with excellent value and the best ebikes available. What's more, we offer the top electric bikes complete with functional performance, smart design, value and reliability. The electric bikes we supply include Solex, EBCO, Ave as well as KED Helmets. At EBC we understand that for some it is vital to try an ebike out before purchasing and as a result we have retail suppliers around the country. If you want to find your local shop please click here.

If you would like to find out more about our electric bikes Stroud service click on the Need To Know section or About EBC pages.

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  1. Clive Herrmann says:

    Can’t find anything re your title of electric bikes in Stroud – I live some 12 miles south. I used to cycle a LOT but at 68 one knee is shot and the other is not very good. Want to try electric bike before buy – cannot exert any pressure on r. pedal. Handlebar control rather than pedal control would seem more suitable for me. Can I get motor drive through the gears for better hill power? Prepared to travel a bit to try a bike but then want knowlegable advice rather than national chain shop assistant! Might also opt to carry backup reserve battery. Yes, I know this all sounds a bit special (and probably rather costly!) but would love to get mobile again. Any suggestions please? Thanks in advance.