Electric Bikes Presteigne

Posted on: 30-April-12 | Comment (1)

If you're looking to find a trusted business that offers electric bikes in Presteigne you are in the right place.

Electric bikes are good for you and the environment, make for an easier commute and give you the ability to explore more. We are both suppliers and manufacturers and we are a UK based business who are known for providing the best range of electric bikes, we have great knowledge, passion and experience.

Our professional electric bikes Presteigne service presents you with excellent value and the best ebikes available. We only sell the best electric bikes on the UK market in terms of low-maintenance, value for money, comfort and ease of use. The brands EBC supply are EBCO, Ave, Solex and KED Helmets. We appreciate that you may like to ride before you buy and therefore EBC offer a range of retail partners in the UK. A list of EBC partners can be found here.

If you would like to find out more about our electric bikes Presteigne service click on the Need To Know section or About EBC pages.

One Response to Electric Bikes Presteigne

  1. James Barralet says:

    I stumbled upon your website after a friend mentioned it. Looking forward very much to the next Tour de Presteigne!

    I have been riding an electric bike in London for about a year and am a big fan. I would very much like a windscreen though as the extra wind in my face makes me cry after a while!! Do you know anyone who has a suitably strong windscreen and where I might get one? There is very little on the market and what there is is very expensive.