Electric Bikes Limerick

Posted on: 30-April-12 | Comment (1)

If you're searching for companies that offer electric bikes in Limerick EBC can help.

Electric bikes are good for you and the environment, make for an easier commute and give you the ability to explore more. Proud to be British – EBC are a company who offer a wide choice of ebikes, we really know our stuff!

EBC's leading electric bikes Limerick service provides you with the most suitable ebike for your needs. What's more, we offer the top electric bikes complete with functional performance, smart design, value and reliability. The electric bikes we supply include Solex, EBCO, Ave as well as KED Helmets. At EBC we understand that for some it is vital to try an ebike out before purchasing and as a result we have retail suppliers around the country. If you want to find your local shop please click here.

For more details on our electric bikes Limerick service please visit our About EBC pages or our Need To Know section.

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  1. edd says:

    where is the test centre in co limerick