Testimonial from a happy customer – Ave Ch Tour Electric Bike

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Review of Ave Ch Tour Electric Bike

Now riding my absolute favourite pedelec to date. It’s my third electric assist, by the way.

An Ave Ch-Tour. Fantastic machine. It’s enabled me to enjoy two wheels again. Just when I thought my cycling days were over. Arthritis and knackered knees! It’s German. Superbly built and with a real continental sit up and beg riding style. Which I’d never experienced before.

I’m able to ride it comfortably even with a poorly left wrist. Most bikes, including my last electric, a Dahon folder, have a forward leaning style so there is weight on the handlebars. It became too painful for me. The Tour has eliminated that problem.

Fantastic. A joy to ride. Never thought it could be so good. So, hopefully a few more years pedalling with electric assistance as needed….

Oh joy on joy. It rides boo-ti-fully. Three ‘on’ modes. Eco, Normal and Oomph! Eco quietly and gently eases in and out to maintain your speed. Whatever. Whether 8-9 mph or 10-12 mph or full on at 15mph. Yet, and here’s the best bit, there is a torque sensor as well as the more normal cadence or rpm sensor. End result? When you apply more pressure to the pedals the more assistance you get. And very noticeable.

Normal steps you up a notch. Great for getaways at junctions and lights then back to eco if appropriate. The third mode really puts in the power. Brilliant. And great range. All I’ll ever need.

Also, the ride is softer than my previous bikes.  Front and saddle suspension really smooth out the bumps. And the saddle is more comfortable than I’ve had in the past, although the riding position really helps as well.

Plus, built in LED lights and bell with a neat battery housing in the rear rack.

My only advice for future buyers would be to have the coaster brake removed from the rear hub. As I did. Couldn’t get on with it. Mind, some like it. I don’t.  Anyway, it’s a quick job for the dealer who then recalibrates the software. I like to pull the pedals back to where I want them for starting off.  After that it’s perfect.

Back up and support from the Dealer, Chaiin Cycles in Bridlington and UK Distributor EBC have been spot on. A real breath of fresh air in this day and age when so many promise it but don’t deliver.  A big thanks to Richard at EBC for his patient help and sound advice on this particular bike.  It enabled me to buy with confidence.

I can only praise this bike and heartily recommend it.

Enjoy.  I know am!

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