About e-bikes

Electric bikes (or e-bikes, as we all refer to them) are the next leap forward for personal transport. Whether commuting or just riding or fun, modern e-bikes are a comfortable, reliable and very environmentally friendly way to get from A to B.

We are on the edge of an e-bike revolution. Many European countries and now the USA have seen an explosion of e-bike popularity in the last few years and in Germany this year they will sell over 720,000 e-bikes and it’s now happening in the UK!!

Why have they become so popular? – It’s simple, with recent advances in technology, including high capacity lithium batteries and more efficient and reliable motors, e-bikes are now – more than ever –a great way to enjoy your style of cycling. These advances in technology have also given more scope for design resulting in better looking and performing bikes this can clearly be seen in the explosion of credible off road hardtail and full suspension e-bike now on the trails.

All e-bikes from EBCO incorporate this new technology ensuring our e-bikes are leading this transport revolution in the UK.

So If you are considering buying an e-bike this is a great time to get involved to make sure you don`t miss out on the opportunity to get fitter, have an easier commute or just unlock some more freedom to explore.

If you have not tried one now is great time to experience that e-bike grin!