Why Buy?

Electric bikes are at the forefront of a personal transport revolution as more and more people want to adopt the lifestyle change of cycling but are either reluctant or nervous about getting back onto a ‘traditional’ bicycle.  From city commuters to leisure riding, e-bikes offer a superb, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to get about.  Not only this but they are also incredibly comfortable, easy to ride and reliable.  Here are just a few reasons why you should consider an e-bike:


Imagine arriving at work on time, sweat free and relaxed.  Although cars may offer faster speeds, in Britain’s highly congested cities it’s a bike that can win every time in the daily race to the office.

Now imagine a bike that has that extra power, like a hand pushing you along when you most need it, on hills and long flat stretches, not only making you travel faster but with less effort which equals less sweat and more comfort.

Now stop imagining, as this is the journey that you’ll experience on an e-bike, whether its from EBCO-PULSE or Corratec each e-bike has it’s own personality but they all guarantee fun, efficient and reliable riding.


Does getting on a bike and cycling for miles fill you with dread?  Do you live in a particular hilly area and need some extra help on the worst climbs?

Riding an e-bike is such a pleasant experience you’ll want to ride it at every possible moment.  As the power is delivered through pedal assist you’ll be riding and getting fit without even noticing.  You can vary the power with an EBCO, PULSE or Corratec e-bike meaning, as you get fitter and stronger it is easy to reduce the assistance.

So riding an e-bike is not cheating, it’s just making getting fit much more fun and not such a slog.


Are you riding with the family?  If you have small children in buggies, on child seats or with ‘tag-along’ bikes we know how hard those rides can be.  Or are you a young grandparent struggling to keep up with tear away teenagers?  Or are you just someone who wants to ride for further and longer?
  An e-bike can deliver the power that means cycling is a much easier, more pleasant and safer experience.

Environment and running costs

Our bikes can run in eco mode for 20-95 miles (depending on battery size) consuming the same amount of electricity as a light bulb for a few hours. E-bikes produce zero emissions and are by far the most environmentally ‘powered’ way to travel.

If you haven’t ridden one of our bikes yet we think you should give it a go, we’ve yet to see someone not develop what we’re calling the ‘e-bike-grin’ when they take any of our e-bikes for a spin.