Why Buy From EBCO?

EBCO is dedicated to developing and distributing the best e-bikes available in terms of design, reliability and overall performance. Having significant experience in the cycle market we know what makes a great bike and a satisfied customer. In recognition of this we have been nominated as a finalist for the past 4 years in the specialist distributor category of the cycle industry Bike BIZ Awards.

Also the EBCO UCL-30 was chosen by BBC’s The One Show to be ridden by John Sergeant in their recent electric bike feature.

All bikes from EBCO have been developed with a no compromise approach with a UK headquarters and service centre, together with some of the best retail partners in the business.

Anyone choosing an e-bike from EBCO will have peace of mind that their e-bike will give them long-term enjoyment and satisfaction.

Our e-bikes aren’t just good they’re market leading great!