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Motor Caravan Magazine praises the Eagle as a real ‘head turner’

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

The March issue of Motor-Caravan Magazine carried one of the most comprehensive ebike tests we have ever seen, testing a wide range of ebikes.  They loved the adjustability of the Eagle making it an ideal ride for a wide range of riders, both tall and short.

They are not the first magazine to review the Eagle, and like so many, they were impressed by the ‘excellent pedal sensing system’ meaning the Eagle delivers just the right amount of power to help riders get about.  The power settings (with boost button) means a rider can even set the amount of help they receive.

If you want to read the full review be sure to buy the magazine, a highlight of the EBCO test can be seen here:

Cycle Active gives the Eagle the ‘thumbs-up’

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Leading bike magazine, Cycle Active, has just reviewed the Eagle and although a bit cautious at first they’ve obviously fallen for it.  Describing it as ‘well put together’ and ‘rather good fun’.  They also described riding it in a city as a (sic) ‘pleasure to use’, continuing  on to say how, with its smooth power transfer and acceleration, it gives an added degree of confidence to a rider cycling in a busy city.

Although, as you’d expect from a ‘purist’ cycle magazine, the reviewer would also prefer a ‘traditional bike’ there is no denying the appeal of the EBCO Eagle to woo even the most die-hard traditionalists, with the review concluding that riding the Eagle is a really ‘enjoyable experience…with no faults found.’

For the full review be sure to buy February edition, on the news stands now or see the highlights here: