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British Cycling changes its mind about ebikes – thanks to the Eagle!

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Ebikes have their fans but they also have their doubters.  The approach to ebikes from certain dyed-in-the-wool cyclists ranges from skeptical to downright cynical.

We put EBCO’s Eagle up for the ultimate test, sending it to British Cycling, up in Manchester, to see if we could convert the guys on their web team, during the cycling governing body’s recent commuting campaign.

Philip Ingham, British Cycling web editor, took the Eagle and decided to pitch it against a colleague on a pretty fierce 22-mile commute over the Pennines.  Setting out, Philip, the self-confessed ebike doubter admitted he felt pretty ‘smug’ that he’d fair better on his usual commuter tool, a cyclo-cross bike.  However, not far into the ride the Eagle began to show its true colours and Philip realized he’d clearly chosen the wrong option and felt he was riding with a ‘machine of an athlete’!

Anyone who still doubts just how good the Eagle is should watch the video on British Cycling’s website here:

Better still, all EBCO dealers have demo bikes so if the video has begun to rouse your curiosity we would advise you get to a dealer and try one out for yourself!

A full list of EBCO dealers can be found here:

Electric Bike Mag reports on Cycle to work

Friday, December 9th, 2011

The Electric Bike Magazine, the font of all knowledge when it comes to ebikes is happy to announce the UC30 range is now available via the Government’s ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme.  Read the full article here: