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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

EBCO has announced it has completed the deal to exclusively distribute SOLEX ebikes and e-scooters into the UK and Ireland.  It is now interested in talking to potential retailers who can see the obvious benefits of getting involved with a cycle and scooter company that is world famous for style.

SOLEX was an iconic post war brand selling 8 million motorized scooters based on its 49cc engine built into a regular bicycle frame.  For the post war generations SOLEX will conjure images of young, stylish urban riders.

The company has now re-launched with design and technology still at the heart of the brand.  A focused and well thought out range of three instantly recognizable red and black models: Velosolex (folding ebike, SRP £1,299), Solexity (a low-step ebike SRP £1,799) and e-Solex  (e-scooter SRP £1,999).

All three models have been designed by Pininfarina, the world famous Italian design house that has developed such iconic cars as the Ferraris 599, 458 and California, the Maserati Quattroporte and the Alfa Romeo Spyder, some of the most iconic cars on the planet.  With this design pedigree it comes as no surprise that each model looks absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful.