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Testing the Bergamont Roxtar C 9.0

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Max Bikes PR’s first ride “in anger” on their press bike, the Bergamont Roxtar C 9.0 E – MTB.

“With great geometry and a balanced position for the Bosch E- System the bike handles brilliantly on the trail…
Responsive and obviously fast, it blasts up climbs leaving you feeling strong for the fun descents and single track.”

Keith Jepson,

Testing in What Mtb coming soon, watch this space…

EBC meet with Sustrans and show them all the benefits of E-bikes!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

The Electric Bike Company recently met with the Sustrans Board Members to discuss all things cycling and to show them the benefits of e-biking. Paul Stanforth and Richard Fogg met with Sustrans on the 10th of October in London at their quarterly board and trustees meeting. As the UK’s leading experts in all things E-bike, EBC were invited to attend and bring along some E-bikes that the members could demo and evaluate, with many of them riding E-bikes for the 1st time. EBC supplied bikes from EBCO ,AVE and Bergamont with varying specifications and retail price points from £799 to £3,000, giving the attendees experience of bikes across the market…so what did they think? 20 senior members attended and went on a 4-5 hour cycle ride in the London Commuter Traffic. The reaction was 100% positive from all concerned, some of the comments are listed below and they believed that they will see more electric bikes using the National Cycle Network in the future. Comments included:-

German Dector- Vega ( Sustrans London Director)

Electric bikes give even the most experienced rider more confidence in traffic .

I believe that it is not so much a question of will e-bikes become more popular in the UK

It`s more a question of when.

Malcolm Shepheard (Chief Executive Sustrans)

Fantastic Bikes , great quality and easy to ride.

Ian White (Chair RPL board)

Phenomenally impressive.

Chris Curling (Chair Sustrans board)

I will definitely be buying one of these at some point in my cycling life.

Nigel Gibbons (Director Sustrans Board)

I must have been riding bikes with the brakes on before today,

I have definitely seen the cycling future! Paul Stanforth from EBC added…”we were really keen to show the Sustrans senior team all the benefits of E-bikes and it’s great to have such a positive response. As a lifestyle and transport choice, E-bikes offer a great solution for many people and they are a great way of exploring The National Cycle Network both in and out of the City.” ”The Sustrans National Cycle Network has provided a way into cycling for many people, as do E-bikes and with the development of the E-bike both from a technology and ethos perspective we have seen more core enthusiasts using them”. ”With the cost of fuel continuing to rise and E-bikes becoming lighter, more practical, better performing, aesthetically more pleasing, less expensive…and not least of all, cooler; we see the E-bike as an answer to many health, transport and lifestyle questions. Have a go, there a great deal of fun”!

We have a new PR team working with us, as E-bikes move into a new era!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
Welcome on board to Keith Jepson and his team at Max Bikes PR who will be helping us promote the benefits of e-bikes to press, dealers and our customers.
Paul Stanforth EBC M.D. said- We at EBC are delighted to be working with Keith from Max Bikes PR- As electric bikes become more main stream Max Bikes PR`s extensive experience in the cycle trade will be valuable in this rapidly growing and exciting sector.
“We are delighted to be working with EBC at this exciting time for e-bikes, the technology and aesthetic is excellent along with amazing speccing. E-bikes offer an easy way into cycling for many people and with a range of brands such as Ave, EBCO, D-Cycle and Bergamont, EBC have a bike for every kind of rider! EBC are the E-bike experts in the UK and it’s great to be working with them as E-bikes move into a new era!” - Keith Jepson, Creative Director, Max Bikes PR.
Come and say hi to Keith and the rest of the team…

EBC Ltd launch Bergamont E-Bikes in the UK

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

We are delighted to announce that we will be launching Bergamont E-Bikes in the UK at the NEC Cycle Show from the 25th-28th of September.

Bergamont are an established brand on the continent and offer a complete range of E-Bikes with top of the range technology, excellent speccing and competitive pricing. Whether you are looking for an e-bike for commuting, leisure or a serious trail MTB with power assist, Bergamont have a bike for you!
Available to see at the NEC Cycle Show for the 1st time in the UK and then exclusively through EBC Ltd.
With 11 bikes on Stand H131 in Hall 12 at the show and several bikes on the Demo Track, it’s a great opportunity to see the UK range and experience the Bergamont “ride quality” for yourself.
Available to demo at the NEC, the top of the range Bergamont E – line C MGN with Gates Carbon Drive, Nuvinci N360 Planetary Hub Gear and SRAM XO Hydraulic Brakes set to feature in Novembers Gadget Show…srrp £3000.

“Introducing Bergamont electric bikes into the UK is an exciting development for EBC who see themselves as the leading UK company in both distribution and service in this rapidly growing sector .As electric bikes become more main stream and off road performance e-bikes are gaining a real foot hold ,Bergamont`s  range of  German Engineered high specced and highly developed (in both style and performance) has an electric bike for every one looking for a quality product”…Paul Stanforth EBC
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