Getting The Best From Your Electric Bike

If you haven’t ridden a bike for a while you may want some tips on getting started

Setting up your e-bike

Both the saddle height and handlebar height and reach can be adjusted without the use of tools.  Your saddle height should be set so your leg is not quite fully extended/straight at the bottom of the pedal stroke.  This will allow you to comfortably get your foot down whilst still sat on the saddle and will also give you an optimum riding position whilst cycling.

Adjust the ‘reach’ on your handlebars to ensure your not stretching to reach the bars but equally you’re not ‘hunched’ over the bars.

To get the perfect setting may take some time but don’t be afraid to experiment.  Once you’ve got that ‘perfect’ setting it is well worth marking the position with a bit of tape to ensure if you adjust the set up for any reason you’ll be able to easily return to that optimum set up.

Looking after your bike

EBCO e-bikes require very little maintenance.  However, to get the most out of your bike and battery we would recommend following these simple guidelines.

Running the wrong tyre pressure can increase the likelihood of punctures and can adversely effect the distance you’ll be able to get out of a single charge, so be sure to check the pressure regularly.  Our tyres offer stability and low rolling resistance and the inner tubes should be inflated to the pressures marked on the individual tyres.

Keep the chain well lubricated using a bike specific chain lube that can be bought from any cycle shop.  When applying the lubricant to the chain be careful not to get any on the disc brakes, wheel rims and brake blocks.

On a regular basis, both bolts and pedals need to be checked and tightened.  This is a two minute job but is advisable for both reliability and safety.

It is advisable to recharge your battery fully after each use, or as often as possible, to ensure optimum performance.  This will not adversely effect the overall performance or lifespan of the battery.

Always check your brakes and replace the pads when they appear worn to ensure safe and reliable stopping power.

Your e-bike is fitted with a cycle stand for supporting the weight of the bike only.  Never sit on the bike when the stand is down as this could damage both the stand and the frame support.

Safety equipment is of paramount importance, always check your lights, reflectors and bells are in good working order.

We would recommend that to maintain optimum performance and safety your e-bike should be serviced either by EBCO or one of our retail partners annually for normal usage (around 2000 miles) or every six month for heavier use.

Storing your bike

Store your bike in a dry place.  If you are putting it away for some time be sure to disconnect the battery.

Batteries do not like being stored at below freezing and we recommend that in extreme cold weather you remove the battery when not in use and consider charging and storing it indoors.

Cycle Security

It’s a sad fact that thousands of bikes are stolen every year.  Make sure yours isn’t one of them.

If you store your bike in a garage or a shed be sure to lock it to something sturdy.  Also if your garage or shed has windows make sure your bike is out of view to potential thieves.

When you’re out and about and need to leave your bike be sure to invest in a ‘Sold-Secure’ or Thatcham tested cycle lock and make sure when you lock your EBCO e-bike up you do so through the main frame and keep the battery compartment locked.

If you are commuting ask your employer to provide somewhere safe to lock your bike up.  It’s much cheaper than providing car parking and it may inspire other colleagues to start riding to work!

Never leave your bike unattended and unlocked.