Government Cycle To Work Scheme

In 1999 the Government introduced a scheme to encourage people to commute by bike.  Since ‘Cycle to Work’ was introduced many thousands of bikes have been sold, which allows employees to buy a bike through a salary sacrifice with your employer deducting a given amount from your monthly salary over a specified period . This means the bikes are effectively tax free and as the bike is paid for before National Insurance and income tax the savings come out at between 35% and 50% of the retail price.

The good news is the scheme is open to all bikes, including e-bikes, under £1000. (And in certain cases top up over £1000 are aloud.)

Whereas other manufacturers have struggled to make this price point with quality e-bikes, EBCO UCL-20 and UCR-20 qualify to be purchased through the scheme.

EBC works with the leading Cycle to Work facilitator, so if you are unsure of how to get involved with this scheme why not call or email us.

We recommend Cyclescheme as one of the largest and the best providers of Cycle to Work scheme ( other providers are available)  For more information on the scheme visit