Jargon Buster

ebike – The short term to describe a pedal assist electric bike

Lithium Ion – The latest battery technology producing more power with less charge time and greater overall ‘lifespan’.

Derailleur – The rear ‘spring-loaded’ mechanical lever that directs the chain to enable smooth gear change

Disc brakes – Brakes that create friction with the pads ‘gripping’ a disc (as opposed to the wheel rim) mounted onto a wheel hub.

V-Brakes – Brakes that create friction with pads ‘gripping’ the wheel rim

Pedal Assist – A term that refers to the modulation of the power only being delivered whilst the rider is pedaling

Shimano – The world’s leading component manufacturer

Tektro – One of the world’s best brake manufacturers

Lowstep – A frame design that has no cross bar therefore making it easy to get on and off the bike

Roadster – A ‘traditional’ frame design with crossbar

Volts – A unit of electrical force

Amps (AH) – A unit of electrical charge

Rolling Resistance – A term which refers to the amount of friction/grip caused by tyres, the lower the rolling resistance the easier it is to cycle

Electric drive system – The power system that drives EBCO e-bikes

TranzX PST – The internationally renowned company which manufactures our motor system / drive train

Torque Sensor – A sensor that monitors the Torque in the drive train to deliver just the right amount of power from the electric drive system.

Motor controller – The unit with modulates the power delivered from the Electric Drive System into the drive train/pedals.

LED Display Screen – Displays distance, speed (kph), battery level, mode setting and diagnostics

RPM Sensor – A sensor that records ‘Revolution Per Minute’

Turbo Button – A button that delivers an extra boost, ideal when tackling extra steep hills

Watt Hours – battery capacity Volts X Amps = Watt Hours